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Megan Rogers, Director, Education Programs, United Friends of the Children

“College is not just an idea, it is a reality made possible for our community’s foster youth through the collaborative environment and support provided by exemplary programs like Success in Degrees.”

Alexis Marion, Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation Board Member, and Chair of Success in Degrees’ Advisory Board

“Because of Deanne’s dedication on my behalf, I am a survivor of the Los Angeles foster care system. But I have not just survived. I have been able to thrive. For that reason, I wholeheartedly believe in Success in Degrees‘ mission and proudly serve on its advisory board.”

Antonia, a Success in Degrees student studying at Charles R. Drew Univ. of Medicine & Science

“Deanne, and everyone else I’m connected to through the program, genuinely want the very best for me. It’s impossible to say how much it means to me to always have them in my corner. Success in Degrees is re-defining my world and my place in it.”

Pat McCabe, Advisory Board Chair for Determined to Succeed, and Success in Degrees Advisory Board Member

“Foster youth are the least served of the underserved in our community.  Success in Degrees  provides a level of support and longterm advocacy that makes all the difference in their lives by making sure its students receive whatever it takes to earn the necessary degrees, launch into their careers, establish real security for themselves, and make meaningful contributions to the world.”

Jennifer Perry, Executive Director, Children’s Action Network

“For many years now I have watched Deanne do wonderful work to advance educational opportunities for youth in foster care. Her thoughtful way of looking at all of the challenges faced by a youth in care and crafting a strategy that addresses all of them is unique.  I look forward to seeing Success in Degrees’ impact!”



Cynthia Freeman, Senior Program Director, Community Partners

“We are so impressed with Deanne’s long track record mentoring young people. She is dedicated to their success in school and in life, and filling an essential need!”

“At the heart of Success in Degrees:
Long-term Mentorship”


Success in Degrees provides its students with year-round service-enriched opportunities, a personalized support system, and, very importantly, consistent long-term mentorship throughout their high school and college years, making sure they have whatever they need to succeed all along the way. Success in Degrees steadfastly advocates on each student’s behalf, empowering them to realize their dreams of creating strong, self-sufficient, productive, and meaningful lives for themselves.

As our students work hard to earn the academic degrees and define the career paths that change their lives, they become leaders of positive change in the world at large!

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Dear Friends,

Building on my nearly twenty-five years of working on behalf of L.A. County’s foster youth, always with an emphasis on education, Success in Degrees empowers current and former foster youth by providing mentorship, advocacy, and personalized supportive services throughout their high school, college, and even graduate school years.

It’s always an honor to work in collaboration with dedicated child advocates and champions of education–our community’s foster youth need and deserve all the care and attention we can collectively provide. I look forward to keeping you up to date on the growth of Success in Degrees and the ongoing accomplishments of our students!

All the best,

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Deanne Scott
Founding Director